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Obedience and Discipline

Word of the day:

“He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgrace his father.” – Proverbs 28:7

We have to deal with two main issues in life in this passage – obedience and discipline.

We exercise obedience by following certain laws. Such laws govern each citizen for orderly and safe  community. Following the law keep us away from the consequence of punishment, and allowing us to be aware of our rights and limitations.

Discipline is achieved by following the law as a lifestyle. It’s self-conviction that drives us to obey, not a fear of punishment. Discipline develops our character into maturity.

As christians, we are supposed to live a disciplined life. We live each day for Jesus. We don’t want other people to point ther fingers against us saying we are not disciplined. Such terms like ‘values’, ‘breeding’, ‘proper upbringing’ are being attached to us to describe our proper behaviour. We have to remember that as we are partakers of Christ, we are recognized as citizens of heaven. We have to act like prince and princess of the kingdom of God! We understand that we have some cultural backgrounds and personal natures that we’d grown with, but it’s never too late to be disciplined by God. We understand we have different personality because God created us uniquely, but God expected us to live a disciplined life. We are carriers of God’s image here on earth.

We have to learn to mature everyday.

That’s dying daily that Paul is talking about. We have to mature from glory to glory, from strength to strength.

Gluttons are those who are lazy and have no proper discipline in eating habit. That’s classical example of people who are watching the sun goes up only to wait for sunset. We’d been created to live a meaningful life. Let’s continue to press on for God designed us to achieve something new everyday. We are supposed to grow into maturity. Let’s not lie down and wait. Let’s run this race to finish strong! We are running to win, not to lose. We are living for the glory of the risen King, and we are determined to receive our breakthrough!

Isn’t it fair to give our very best to our Maker?

-albert2jc / 19th march 2011

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