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Sometimes we arrived in a situation wherein nothing’s left but the faith in God for us to continue. That faith is all we’ve got. Ironically, little did we know that that’s all we need to prevail. Embrace God in your life, trusting Him to move on your behalf. Before we knew, we are on our … Continue reading

prawny so free no more…

a young voyager swims so free as he follows the light above him. he joins the rest of the school as they excitedly racing with each other. then suddenly they were pushed by the current. before he knew it, he’d been trapped in the net of a fisherman. yan ang alamat ng “oishi” shrimp crackers. … Continue reading

janhilly might ask me this:

Do you love me because I am beautiful or I am I beautiful because you love me? my answer would be: “you are exceptionally beautiful. And as i love you more and more each day, you’re getting more and more beautiful in my eyes. i love you so much.” -albert2jc / 24th march 2011


Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. Support bacteria – they’re the only culture some people have. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane. Ambition is a poor … Continue reading

Truth or Consequence?

Word of the day: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”– Romans 6:23 This verse proves that having faith is not just a norm in a society. We better pick a choice to live a life worthy to be praised by God, … Continue reading

Temper… Temper…

It is possible to get angry on the situation without getting mad on people involved. We just have to understand them. We have to move one pace ahead. People are filled with emotions and they tend to be carried away by it anytime. We who understand, have to make allowance. It’s not easy to deal … Continue reading


Word of the day: “The righteous detest the dishonest;  the wicked detest the upright.” – Proverbs 29:27 This is how we make a stand. We choose to be on the side of God. Whatever it is that not of God is not our portion anymore. We delight not in the works out of dishonesty and … Continue reading

Today, I promise…

… to sing a song of praise to Jesus more often (although considering the surroundings, i don’t want people to get mad of my “husky” voice. *smile) … to be more active in prayers and intercessions. … to be more eager in my workplace (God entrusted me my work, and i will be faithful and … Continue reading

God’s Faithful Assurance

Word of the day: ““But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a … Continue reading

Touching the Father’s Heart

Word of the day: “My sacrifice, O God, is  a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.’” – Psalm 51:17 How is it like having a broken spirit and a contrite heart? A lot of christians settle for the “act of surrender” specially when we’re in the heights of worshipping … Continue reading

The Belt of God

Word of the day: “So I went to Perath and dug up the belt and took it from the place where I had hidden it, but now it was ruined and completely useless.  Then the word of the LORD came to me: “This is what the LORD says: ‘In the same way I will ruin … Continue reading

Obedience and Discipline

Word of the day: “He who keeps the law is a discerning son, but a companion of gluttons disgrace his father.” – Proverbs 28:7 We have to deal with two main issues in life in this passage – obedience and discipline. We exercise obedience by following certain laws. Such laws govern each citizen for orderly … Continue reading