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a simple insight on (yet) unanswered prayers…

When we often cry to God for some trials we are into, we expect Him to come to our rescue. We want to be out of the situations where we are struggling. Sometimes we appreciate Him and give thanks for the relief of the burdens He’d lifted away from us. We even fall down in worship and thanksgiving. However, what if situations turn the other way around? What if the only sound we hear is the deafening silence on our plea? What if we just declared before men and ourselves that “God will not forsake His children” and yet we are here where we were before? What if the “rescuing” we are anticipating went from eager expectations to delay? Did God forsaken us? Did He miss something? Or aren’t we who are missing something to learn?

Jesus, when He’s in the garden of Gethsemani, prayed so hard not to die on the cross. It’s not because of the pains and the hardships it takes to die. Jesus is not that coward. He’s crying because He don’t want to be apart from the Father. Can you imagine how noble and how pure His plea is? He don’t want to die because He don’t want the Father to turn His eyes on Him (Jesus)because God is holy and there’s no unrighteousness in Him, and He hates sins. That’s what made Jesus cry so intense that water and blood are sweating out from His body. ‘Til the time of Jesus’ death on the cross, He even cried out: “Father, Father, why have You forsaken me?” That’s the expression of child’s love towards his father. Remember when we were young and our parents used to leave us home with our elder brother or sister or guardian when they’re going to work or on the market, we are so afraid and feel so insecure that we are crying out for them. When we can’t see them around, we are asking in the midst of our tantrums: “why do you left me, mother? father?”

Did God forsaken us? Did He miss something? Or aren’t we who are missing something to learn?

God have to turn His eyes away from Jesus to fulfill Jesus’ mandate to save us from the condemnation of this rotten world. God knew Jesus’ cry. He love Jesus so much. Yet, He have to let Jesus pass through the process. Can you feel the heartbeat of God who hurtfully gave Jesus to die for our sins? We are bought with a price, with a precious blood of Christ!

We, as those who believe in Jesus and who are confessing everytime we attend to church assembly for divine service that we will follow Him, should be aware that we have to go the same ordeal He’d been. It’s not as literal as dying on the cross. There are some works that He’d accomplished. He died on the cross for us to live. We should not imitate that because we’re not even worth to do it… it’s an insult to Jesus. Our portion of suffering is that people will challenge the “Jesus” your are carrying. Your faith will surely be tested. It’s man’s nature to look for “Someone Supreme Being” to worship. Some trusted on the sun, moon, sea, crafted images, and even the wrath of nature such as earthquake and storms. And we choose to follow and worship Jesus.

Did God been silent on your plea lately? Do you have a request that haven’t been granted yet? Don’t be frustrated. God is having a serious business in your life. He wanted us to grow into maturity. He wants us to be humble and live in the beauty of His holiness. Surrender before Him whatever we consider that’s not of God. Whatever that’s not of God is of the devil. God can’t be with you fully as long as there’s worldliness in your heart. Grow in the beauty of His holiness day after day. That’s the essence of dying daily. Learn to say “no” to worldliness, and be consistent.

Few years from now, it’s nice to look back on how strong we are. But isn’t it more edifying to know how we grew into maturity through the years? And God is always with us through it all!

God bless you!

-albert2jc – 12/02/11

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