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Define Frustration (it’s not frustrating to read though)

Define “Frustration”:

It’s eleven o’clock in the evening, i am still wide awake instead of sleeping soundly. I guess that’s pretty fits the definition.

Well, frustration is like this:

I had enough workload for a day thinking how the world crumbling around me. Then I went home, broke, tired, weary, and have nothing to eat (i have to make myself dinner first, oh! man!). Then i hit my laptop, only to be bored by my facebook thread. Have a little quality chat (who wants any argument?) and find myself saying “sorry”. Then I have to go out to send some money back home. Then i went home again. This time, I am just broke and tired. What a relief! I was wrong. Left alone while chatting, I decided to fix my dinner. As I cook, I have an appetite to drink some tea. I’d got upset afterwards. Why? Let’s find out.

I grabbed my mug, only to find out that it’s dirty. I washed it clean, and headed to my room to look for tea bag. As I went outside with tea bag with sugar and milk, I casually switched “on” the kettle. I left for a couple of minutes. Whe n I returned, I’d learned that the water’s still cold. Well, my kettle is broken. So i washed it and hang dry. The kettle might not be working, but at least, it’s clean – something it should be proud of. So i tossed my pan in the stove and filled it with water . I put some hot water in my mug only to find out that a small insect crawled in it. That insect (i bet it’s dead) swim lifelessly as i put hot water on the mug. I asked myself, “What’s wrong with me? I just want a cup of tea!” That’s frustration.

So I headed to the table. I knew I have to do something. Out of rage of insect which i think small roach, I wipe out the table clean. I guess it’s about time to eat my dinner and it’s ten o’clock in the evening. As i munch down my dinner, I remember the goodness of God in my life. Then I encourage myself. I know that inspite of everything that’s happening, I got something up on my sleeve. I might lose my freedom, but I did not lost freedom to live the way God wants me to live. I might lose money but i did not lose the capacity to earn money, and to keep it, and furthermore, to multiply it. I might lose friends but i surely will not lose faithful friends. I might lose my life, but i can share how Jesus changed my life, and I hope I can touch other people’s lives, as well.

After all, there’s no reason for me to be frustrated. I found myself singing a classic song of praise. The song goes this way:

We’re together again, just praising the Lord.

We’re together again, in one accord.

Something good is going to happen, something good is in store.

We’re together again, just praising the Lord.

Wherever I am, I praise Him,

Whenever I can, I praise Him,

For His love surround me like a sea.

I praise the name of Jesus, Lift up the name of Jesus

For the name of Jesus lifted me.

I feel so renewed after i sing that song. All of my problems are being dealt with. As I started learning that I have a problem, before long, solutions are keep on coming in my head. That’s God moving for me! I wish to thank everyone who tirelessly keep on praying for me, who gave their supports, who sympathized with me, who gave me company, who tell me that everything will gonna be a’ryt. Thank you all!

One year ago, I received a promise from the Lord saying that in my life, I will have that stature to open wide the heaven, to shut down hell, and to do His works here on earth. I won’t keep silent. I’m gonna finish the mandate God entrusted to me, and I will finish strong!

I’ve got one good news for you. I see the mark of defeat in the face of the enemy. The enemy knew that’s all he’ve got. Now look what I’ve got. It’s about time to see people of God walk once again in the face of the earth. See you on the top!

-albert2jc – 05/09/10

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