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The Courage of Letting Go…

It takes a lot of courage to let go of those we used to live with. There are various feelings that we have to leave behind for us to grow into new level of maturity. Some feelings that once so sweet are now bitter grudges that keep us in bondage. We can’t live in this present world with yesterday ‘s mindset. We have to move forward. Sometimes, it’s the forward motion that’s so hard we rather stay the way we are. Before long, everything and everyone around us took their flight. Then we begin to worry. Had we missed our flight?

Waiting is a virtue. We have to wait patiently, but we have to wait wisely. Learn when we wait and when we move. It’s not wise to stay where you are wherein everyone is in motion. Ask God for wisdom. Let’s not trust on our own instinct. Sometimes, somehow, it would be better to pray and ask God for guidance rather than move on your own, especially if you’re not quite sure of the outcome. Trust Him, He have better, i mean, the best plan for your life. Perhaps you undergoing heavy pressures and experiencing unusual problems and struggles beyond compare because God wants you to trust in Him. For years we trust God, and He is so proud of you becuase of that. However, we have to be so honest to God to trust him everyting – even those things we can’t let go. Each of us are equipped with willpower. Use that willpower to trust God no matter what. A lot of people use their willpower to deny God’s intervention in their life, having a mindset that they can make it on their own. When all their hopes are gone, then that’s the time they will turn on to Jesus. Such little faith! I’d been there, that’s why i knew.

Sometimes we have to let go extra baggage that we are carrying. God is in the business of reaching His people. Trust completely to God. Keep the faith burning in your heart. Run the race of a lifetime. It’s nice to walk hand-in-hand with God. Let go of all the things that put you down or hinder you in completing the mandate entrusted to you.

God bless you.

-albert2jc – 29/08/10

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