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Define Frustration (it’s not frustrating to read though)

Define “Frustration”:

It’s eleven o’clock in the evening, i am still wide awake instead of sleeping soundly. I guess that’s pretty fits the definition.

Well, frustration is like this:

I had enough workload for a day thinking how the world crumbling around me. Then I went home, broke, tired, weary, and have nothing to eat (i have to make myself dinner first, oh! man!). Then i hit my laptop, only to be bored by my facebook thread. Have a little quality chat (who wants any argument?) and find myself saying “sorry”. Then I have to go out to send some money back home. Then i went home again. This time, I am just broke and tired. What a relief! I was wrong. Left alone while chatting, I decided to fix my dinner. As I cook, I have an appetite to drink some tea. I’d got upset afterwards. Why? Let’s find out.

I grabbed my mug, only to find out that it’s dirty. I washed it clean, and headed to my room to look for tea bag. As I went outside with tea bag with sugar and milk, I casually switched “on” the kettle. I left for a couple of minutes. Whe n I returned, I’d learned that the water’s still cold. Well, my kettle is broken. So i washed it and hang dry. The kettle might not be working, but at least, it’s clean – something it should be proud of. So i tossed my pan in the stove and filled it with water . I put some hot water in my mug only to find out that a small insect crawled in it. That insect (i bet it’s dead) swim lifelessly as i put hot water on the mug. I asked myself, “What’s wrong with me? I just want a cup of tea!” That’s frustration.

So I headed to the table. I knew I have to do something. Out of rage of insect which i think small roach, I wipe out the table clean. I guess it’s about time to eat my dinner and it’s ten o’clock in the evening. As i munch down my dinner, I remember the goodness of God in my life. Then I encourage myself. I know that inspite of everything that’s happening, I got something up on my sleeve. I might lose my freedom, but I did not lost freedom to live the way God wants me to live. I might lose money but i did not lose the capacity to earn money, and to keep it, and furthermore, to multiply it. I might lose friends but i surely will not lose faithful friends. I might lose my life, but i can share how Jesus changed my life, and I hope I can touch other people’s lives, as well.

After all, there’s no reason for me to be frustrated. I found myself singing a classic song of praise. The song goes this way:

We’re together again, just praising the Lord.

We’re together again, in one accord.

Something good is going to happen, something good is in store.

We’re together again, just praising the Lord.

Wherever I am, I praise Him,

Whenever I can, I praise Him,

For His love surround me like a sea.

I praise the name of Jesus, Lift up the name of Jesus

For the name of Jesus lifted me.

I feel so renewed after i sing that song. All of my problems are being dealt with. As I started learning that I have a problem, before long, solutions are keep on coming in my head. That’s God moving for me! I wish to thank everyone who tirelessly keep on praying for me, who gave their supports, who sympathized with me, who gave me company, who tell me that everything will gonna be a’ryt. Thank you all!

One year ago, I received a promise from the Lord saying that in my life, I will have that stature to open wide the heaven, to shut down hell, and to do His works here on earth. I won’t keep silent. I’m gonna finish the mandate God entrusted to me, and I will finish strong!

I’ve got one good news for you. I see the mark of defeat in the face of the enemy. The enemy knew that’s all he’ve got. Now look what I’ve got. It’s about time to see people of God walk once again in the face of the earth. See you on the top!

-albert2jc – 05/09/10

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Hayskul Trobols..

Masaya ang pagdaan sa high school days. Dito ko natutunan ang iba’t-ibang klase ng kalokohan, biro, mga experiences na kakaiba, at mga lessons na hindi mo matututunan sa loob ng klase. Narito ang ilan sa mga high school troubles ko. Check it out, baka maka-relate kayo.

Hayskul trobol No. 1: Naglagay ng buto ng mahogany sa lunchbox ni flomel..punishment: pinaglinis ng c.r. ng science bldg. Ma’am Reyes,hustisya po!

Hayskul trobol no.2: Walang dalang bible, e values educ. Tumakbo ng 2 ikot s quadrangle ng MNHS.. ma’am francisco, sori na po..

Hayskul trobol no.3: Nagsiga ng kalat sa tabi ng c.r. Muntik na masunog ang c.r. nagalit si ma’am lingad. II-orchids pa kmi dat tym.

Hayskul Trobol no.4: Nakadiskubre ng mamihan sa gilid ng pader sa MNHS habang naeengganyong mag-escape..mula nun tambayan na..hehe.

Hayskul trobol no.5: Nahuling nagbu2tas ng parol na nakasabit sa violago bldg. Kasarap kc pakinggan ang putok ng japanese paper na bilad sa araw..ayun,pinapalitan ni sir espinosa ang mga damaged parol(s)

Hayskul trobol no.6: Nagkakalat ng pinagkainan ng talisay sa likod ng english faculty room,at paglalaro ng habulan sa bench ng english dept. Sir santos yata ung nagalit,sinita kmi,tinuro namin si balbiran, e nagre-review lng ung tao..pinagalitan sya..pasensya na ha.

Hayskul Trobol no. 7: Kinaibigan si pope,ang magaling manggaya ng pirma ng teachers namin.. Sa kanya kami nagpapapirma ng lectures sa florante at laura..

Hayskul trobol no.8: Napa-away ang kabarkada naming si Jeffrey sa halos tapat ng bahay ng bestfriend kong si Don. Ayun, nakaantabay kami. Nagpambuno sila. Naalala pa siguro nila ang mga sinira nilang bakod. Ang ugat ng away? Ako.hehe. Kinukursunada ako eh. Payat pa ako that time. E tropa ko si Jeffrey. Ayun, nag-away sila..hehe. Pero hindi ako bullied ha. Nerdy pa ako kasi that time.

Hayskul trobol no.9: Naibulsa ang itlog na gagamitin sa chem.experiment. Nakipaghabulan. Nauntog sa pinto,nabasag ang itlog sa bulsa. Malansang umuwi ng bahay,dyahe sa ford,fr. munoz to sanjose.

Hayskul trobol no. 10: Nag-ihaw ng tanim naming sweetcorn. Nasilaban pati ang tanim. Hehe, guidance kami.

Hayskul trobol no.11: Taguan sa palengke ng munoz. Nung taya isang barkada,umuwi kmi ng bahay. Galit na galit sa amin kinabukasan. Hehe.

Hayskul trobol no: 12: Nameke ng medical cert. para maging medical. Dr. Medina yata yun,pinalabas na may asthma. Rejectd ni mam antipuesto. Sbi pa ni sir galvan,inutil daw medical. Kinabukasan naging MP kmi.hehe.

-albert2jc – 04/09/10

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What my heart never missed..

Salvation belongs to the Lord, Your blessings be upon Your people. Selah! – Psalms 3:8

I trust upon the name of the Lord. A lot of troubles are heading on my way. A lot of adversaries are working overtime to put me down, pondered, smitten. But i knew one thing: my God is a living God. And He is faithful to lead me on. He is the Author and Finisher of my faith1. He is our inspiration, our encouragement. I can encounter lots and lots of problems and struggles along the way, yet, i can still live with joy in my heart. For i knew that as much as troubles are there, so are the opportunities to show forth the goodness and lovingkindness of my God.

Jehovah Jireh, He is my provider. Whenever I need something, He is faithful to me. He is my Father, and i am confident that i don’t have to beg to have something to eat. I knew and i am confident with all my heart, that my God sustains me. For He is faithful to supply all my need according to His riches and glory.

Jehovah Rapha, God my Healer. Everytime I am demoralized with all the pressures, He lift me up. He is my restoration. He is my healer for my bruised heart. I have heard from my bestfriend that a beautiful heart is not how soft or how healthy your heart looks like, but how bruised it is, how many scars it endured. Well, so to say, I’ve got a beautiful heart. 🙂  And Jesus heal my heart everytime i experience hurts, rejection, betrayals, heartaches, disappointments, frustrations – to name a few, or many rather.

In everything i encounter along the way, my heart never missed one thing: that God is shaping me to be holy, molding me to be so strong and leading me into new heights. Truly, my God is an awesome God!

Whenever you encounter that something’s not right, don’t lose heart. God is busy shaping your heart. Yield to God. Bend down on your knees. Seek strength from Him. His strength are being made perfect through our weaknesses2. In my lifetime, i am convinced that it’s all about trusting in Him that matters. It’s not all about your knowledge, capacity, ability that gets you stronger. It’s all about trusting in Him. After all, it’s not all about you. It’s not all about me. It’s all about Jesus and manifesting His goodness, faithfulness and His glorious power here on earth, through His people. God is mighty to save.

God bless you!


  1. Hebrews 12:2
  2. 2 Corinthians: 12:9

-albert2jc – 04/09/10

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“Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.”- 2 Timothy 1:13-14

We have learned much from God through the scriptures the validity and the power of His words and commands. It is our spirit within that confirms what the Holy Spirit wants us to understand and believe. Let us put our spirit under subjection to the Holy Spirit. Let’s discern what He is saying. Let’s aknowledge His instructions for us.

We got to listen to One Voice. Moreover, retain what we have heard. Do not neglect the words of God through His prophets and apostles, the pastors, teachers, and evangelists. Let us trust these delegated authorities to speak in our lives. Let us yield to their instructions. They are His people, respect them and follow them. It’s about time to listen to the men and women of God. Those words of wisdom you have heard from your “direct covering” will preserve you, because they are ordained by God. They are responsible for your life as they are responsible for God’s vineyad. Trust them, they will not ruin your life, instead, they will guide you as you go through this journey called life. God, who speak on them, will reveal to them what’s the best for you, and you have to honor them for their dedication and their conviction to take that big responsibility of guiding someone else’s life. Don’t doubt them. Whenever you feel doubtful or uncertain, look at the scripture, go back to the bible, and see if their lifestyle confirm with the bible. It is said in the scripture to test every spirit. However, don’t test their spirit if you have something personal against the guy. It’s hard to kick against the goads (Acts 26:14). If you are standing with the man of God, do not even say or think a word against him, because God is standing on his behalf, be careful. Instead, respect them. Honor them.

Guard. Guard the words entrusted upon you through the holy spirit. Do not waste your life sinning and repenting, then sinning again and repenting once more. You are moving into circles! Our life should be from glory to glory! Not a life cycle of defeat. Guard your heart from every winds of doctrines of men, stick to what you believe in. As long as your heart is pure before God, He will direct you in the right path. And we have to keep our foundation so strong. It’s not enough for us to be righteous. We have to be wise. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3). We have to be wise enough to see an enemy from the distance. We have to be wise enough to prepare for invasion. We have to be wise enough when to speak and when to keep silent. God is a God of order. We have to live our life in order, according to His plan for us.

God bless you!

-albert2jc – 04/09/10

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Isaiah 48:17

“This is what the LORD says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”- Isaiah 48:17

God is so good in our life. He give us everything we need, and more than we could ask for. But it does not stop there. We have to trust Him in our life. He teaches us to know what is the best for us so we can live a healthy, Godly lifestyle. He knew what is the best for us. Let us open our hearts to Him everyday, believing in His promises, keeping His commands, setting our eyes into worship. Let’s continue to have this lifestyle. And as we experience His love in our life, we are moving into higher heights, into a new level of understanding, having a renewed mind and pure heart before God. Let’s commit ourselves to God.

God bless you.

-albert2jc – 03/09/10

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The Courage of Letting Go…

It takes a lot of courage to let go of those we used to live with. There are various feelings that we have to leave behind for us to grow into new level of maturity. Some feelings that once so sweet are now bitter grudges that keep us in bondage. We can’t live in this present world with yesterday ‘s mindset. We have to move forward. Sometimes, it’s the forward motion that’s so hard we rather stay the way we are. Before long, everything and everyone around us took their flight. Then we begin to worry. Had we missed our flight?

Waiting is a virtue. We have to wait patiently, but we have to wait wisely. Learn when we wait and when we move. It’s not wise to stay where you are wherein everyone is in motion. Ask God for wisdom. Let’s not trust on our own instinct. Sometimes, somehow, it would be better to pray and ask God for guidance rather than move on your own, especially if you’re not quite sure of the outcome. Trust Him, He have better, i mean, the best plan for your life. Perhaps you undergoing heavy pressures and experiencing unusual problems and struggles beyond compare because God wants you to trust in Him. For years we trust God, and He is so proud of you becuase of that. However, we have to be so honest to God to trust him everyting – even those things we can’t let go. Each of us are equipped with willpower. Use that willpower to trust God no matter what. A lot of people use their willpower to deny God’s intervention in their life, having a mindset that they can make it on their own. When all their hopes are gone, then that’s the time they will turn on to Jesus. Such little faith! I’d been there, that’s why i knew.

Sometimes we have to let go extra baggage that we are carrying. God is in the business of reaching His people. Trust completely to God. Keep the faith burning in your heart. Run the race of a lifetime. It’s nice to walk hand-in-hand with God. Let go of all the things that put you down or hinder you in completing the mandate entrusted to you.

God bless you.

-albert2jc – 29/08/10