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Into Higher Heights

If you feel that the whole world are crumbling down before you, you might consider siting down for a while. You have no idea how blessed you are, if you only have courage to see beyond your situation. For example, you are blessed for being able to breath normally, still wake up in the morning healthy. You are blessed for having a life full of struggles, pains and sorrows. You will not grow in other way round, because such are essential fo your maturity as a better individual. You should be thankful of people who upset you. It takes a lot of patience and years of enduring constant pains and sufferings prior to a better you. You can be so mad at people around you and move into circles over and over again, or you can learn how to take away hurts from their constant blows. They will surely get tired of hiting you especially if they feel that you did not mind them. If you mature into a higher heights, you have no business to go down to their level. It’s not how hard they attack you that counts, it’s how you receive it. They can move roaring around like carzy and still, you sleep soundly. Do not take eye for an eye, teeth for a teeth. Let God move on your behalf. You are commissioned to live a life honorably before God and me.

If you mature into a higher heights, you have no business to go down to their level.

When you please God, the praise of men will follow. You always hear the cliché that “You don’t have to please everyone.” Whethere you do right or wrong, somebody wil lsurely hate you. Suffer for being righteous. The eye of the Lord is upon the righteous. Seek God, and let His counsel guide you for a new, Christ-like way of living.

-albert2jc – 23/09/10


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