Bible-Based Lifestyle

Each day offers us brand-new experience and lessons to live by. We meet face to face various people with different (really different) attitudes and characters. A lot of people tempt us to be mad, upset, and frustrated. Somehow, we encounter people who can jive with us – people who make us glad, and show us love in manyways. Truly, these people are essential for us to grow into maturity. They teach us how to “dance”in the music of life. Sometimes (or most of the time), we tend to fall out of tune. But we don’t stop there, we just can’t afford to stop because we choose not to be stocked-up invain. We are determined to get something out of everything we are into. If we fail, we would not fail to learn a lesson. We sometimes learned thru failtures, right? If we are observant and cautious enough, we learned thru the mistakes of others. Let’s strive to keep our mind so sharp in thinking rightly. Let’s focus our hearts in loving Jesus more and more. As our life is being unflods before our eyes, so is His love is being demonstrated. Each day spent with His love is far greater than a lifetime spent on sinning. Besides, it’s exciting to live each day without worrying much.

You know to yourself if you are living in God’s expectation on you as His beloved servant.

The scripture is our proof, our guide. It has been written, that a scripture is to teach, rebuke, and prove. It’s our guide for a healthy, godly lifestyle. Let’s continue to live in a bible-based lifestyle. You’ve got more to gain than lose here. For in Christ, you have everything and apart from Him, you are nothing. In Christ, we give up what we can never keep for us to have a Godly life. In Him, we gain immeasurable gifts and favors beyond we can imagine. Only through Him we can have favors beyond this world has to offer. Pursue this lifestyle. Come in the beauty of His holiness. Speak His love. Show His compassion. Always lift up your eyes upon Him.

-albert2jc – 23/08/10

By Albert Soriano

Feel free to drop PM to or in Twitter @bert_sharie

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